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The Game Changer

At some point in your lifetime, some other external force – possibly in the form of a person – will come in and change it.  This is the game-changer.  This is the person you thought didn’t exist.  I mean, yeah, there’s an idea of this person, but no perfect form of this person exists – according to Plato, then again, he meant this for objects, not humans, so this could be my abuse of his forms.

Well, this person changes everything you believed to be true.  Here are a few of the things that the game-changer will do:

You thought you’d be alone forever? Well, you were wrong.  Because the Game-Changer doesn’t want you to be alone.  This person wants you.

You know that list of qualities you wrote down for the ideal partner? You thought that all of the deal-breakers and all of the standards you had would never be met.  Chances are, those still haven’t been met.  The catch here, is that you are willing to set aside all of that trivial crap and realize that the GC is perfect for you.

The GC will let you talk.  About anything.  For any amount of time.  And the weird part?  They actually give a shit about what you say. Amazing, I know.

You thought you were an angry person, and then all of a sudden you’re optimistic?  Well, you try with every fiber of your being to cling to the cynic that you are, and nothing really happens.  With the GC, your old ways change without you realizing it.

The game-changer will make you put things into perspective.  What exactly are the big issues?  The game-changer will be able to call you out on your shit without sounding like a douchebag.  He will actually take into account the many feelings you harbor.

Game-changer will call you when he says he’s going to call you.  GC doesn’t wait 4 hours to text you back.  He follows through.

The GC will stay up with you on Skype when you’re crying your eyes out because for the first time, you allow yourself to worry about the relationship – because there’s an actual relationship to worry about.

The GC will be upfront.  But not like the asshole before him.  The GC will tell you he’s not quite ready, but the direction you’re both headed in is looking promising.

The GC is willing to meet your parents with no fuss.  He may not have much, but when he says he’ll be there, he’ll be there.

The GC will admit that he is starting to care about you.  And that will be the most amazing thing anyone has ever said, but knowing you, you won’t make a big deal about it like you would have before.  Because making it something when it isn’t scares people away.

Game-Changer will never get sick of talking to you and will never get tired of telling you how beautiful you are.  And when you say you don’t believe him, he won’t get pissed at you; instead he’ll tell you that you are until you get tired of arguing about it.

GC will make you feel like you’re in high school again.

GC will make you feel like an adult.

GC will tell you that you do things that no other person has done before. And he’ll say it with a slight smile on his face, maybe it’s because he realizes that this really is special.

He’ll make sure that you’ve finished all of the homework for your grown up college class.  He’ll want to know what your goals are, even if you feel uncomfortable talking about it.

He’ll actually like your parents, even though you think they’re crazy.

He’ll be able to read your facial expressions.  He’ll know when you’re about to cry, and he’ll let you cry – because he knows that, sometimes, you just need to.

He’ll listen and be understanding when you call him and tell him that your friends are making you mad.

He’ll point out that you two have many firsts together.

He’ll read your blog and not be weirded out about it.

The GC actually cares, and proves that he is worthy of you.

Eating food makes me hate myself. I get it. This shows how truly unstable I am and my insecurities blah blah blah. But I don’t give a fuck about why YOU think. It’s just how I feel. And isn’t this generation all about self-improvement and dealing with how we see ourselves? Bottom line: I hate my body - at least for today. And sometimes that’s okay.

I do not have time for the petty shit that you feel you “have” to deal with.  You’re an adult.  I’m sorry if someone deleted you on Facebook – get over it.  Who the fuck cares? You’re telling me to stop stressing over the stuff I can’t control, but look who’s whining about something so ridiculous.  It’s Facebook.  LET IT GO and grow the fuck up.  

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